Backflow occurs when unwanted water flows in the opposite direction as intended. This can cause serious health risks if your fresh water supply is contaminated with foul water. Backflow is usually caused by a drop in pressure from the public water system. 

Annual backflow testing helps ensure that only clean, potable water is flowing into your home or business.

Backflow testing is not a job for do-it-yourselfers. When you need backflow testing, it must be conducted by someone who is trained and certified.

Valley Plumbing offers the best, most qualified, licensed professionals to handle your backflow testing, certification, new installation, maintenance, and repair needs. If backflow issues are a problem for your home or business, we can install and maintain the proper backflow prevention equipment to keep your business and family safe.

If you think your facility has an issue with backflow contamination, contact Valley Plumbing to set up a test.